$515.00 CAD

Remedial Stone Massage - April 18th & 19th, 2024 Edmonton, AB

Yes, you'll learn the basics here, BUT, you'll also learn to administer advanced techniques to kick your stone treatment into high gear. We're more therapy than spa style in this course, helping you deliver the remedial massage clients are looking for.

Direct your attention to trigger points, and restricted fascial, superficial and deep muscle layers with this Remedial Stone Massage course.

Designed to be integrated into your current routine, the groundwork will be laid to better enhance client output and reduce a therapist’s physical strain during sessions. Students will learn the use of both thermal and cryotherapy temperatures, work with different massage stones, and identify Basalt, Marble and Jade stones and the benefits of each set. 

What you'll learn:

  • A full stone massage history 
  • Reviewing hydrotherapy and thermotherapy properties and their benefits 
  • A general full-body hot stone routine using basalt or jade stone. 
  • Safe stone massage application
  • How to communicate with clients during stone massage sessions 
  • Stone massage body mechanics 
  • A planning guide to incorporate stonework into your current massage routine
  • Stone massage affects on the fascial and lymph systems 
  • Treating trigger points with stones 
  • How to open lymphatic vessels and synchronize stone strokes to improve edema 
  • Enhancing stone massage through olfaction

*Stones and stone heaters will be provided onsite to practice with during the in-person course. 

15 NHPC Credits 
16 CMMOTA Credits 
Adheres to STRiVE Quality Assurance (CMTBC, CMTO, CMTNB)

MTAA, MTAS & CRMTA Credits Pending