$75.00 CAD

60 Minute Massage Mentorship Session

De-stress, regain your work balance, and make the money you want! 

What do successful entrepreneurs, business owners, accomplished people in leadership like Tony Robbins, or Jenna Kutcher, or the rich guys from Shark Tank have in common? 

They all believe and stand by the fact that you will significantly surpass someone else trying to run a business in your industry if you get a mentor. 

Having a mentor is beneficial because: 

  • Mentors keep you accountable to reach your career goals 
  • Mentors care deeply about who you are as a person and the WHY behind your business aspirations 
  • Mentors are people in your industry who have already put in their time, blood, sweat, tears, and money. They are people who have found ways to achieve their own business goals despite making mistakes along they way. 
  • Mentors will pass on their knowledge to you, which boosts your confidence, decision making, and insight into the pitfalls of your industry. 

 A 1-on-1 zoom meeting with me is meant to do just this. I take my 10+ years of experience in working alone as a room renter, working with independent contractors, then finally operating a wellness clinic to help you find clarity, direction, and ideas to streamline your day to day operations in order to drastically improve your massage practice.

I want to help save you the blood, sweat, and tears part and offer you viable solutions to make more money, find better balance, and increase joy for you and your clients! 

In 60 minutes we will cover 1 - 3 topics of your choice. 1-on-1 meetings include worksheets, templates, and other resources so you never feel left in the dark after our conversation ends.