$35.00 CAD

Preparing For a Leave of Absence as a Sole Proprietor

ZOOM WEBINAR - 9:30am MST/ 11:30 EST Monday September 25th 

Operating a solo practice has many benefits, but one thing lacking is vacation pay. It's not automatic, you must get mindful and create it! 

A succession plan is crucial for allowing yourself some well earned and much needed time off. What happens if that time off is unplanned and sudden? Are you prepared for situations like that in your practice? 

This 90 minute webinar will cover:

  • Types of Leaves 
  • Why Creating An Action Is Crucial 
  • How To Build Out A Successful Blueprint, Preparing Your For Planned & Unplanned Leaves
  • Ways To Generate Revenue While On Leave  
  • Certificate of Completion for CEU's

Don't get caught off guard in your practice!

5 NHPC Credits