Hello, I'm Kelly Cabrera.

I've always loved to help people. I fell in love with massage therapy and knew it was my career path but I struggled with where to start, how to get clients, what clients valued, what business decisions were needed, and which education courses would differentiate me. Basically, I questioned every step I took. 

Everything changed when a good friend, and business coach, helped me realize that I was capable. There was a huge turning point for me and now I am so excited to pass on everything I've learned over the past decade to you. 

My Story


I enrolled in massage therapy as a shot in the dark.

Turns out, the program was extremely fulfilling. I struggled for years after graduation to start a practice. Working a second job to pay for a massage room rent, pounding the pavement, and trying my hardest with little movement and slow impact. 

I definitely made mistakes (sometimes expensive ones!). The weight and stress of managing my practice's needs while trying to balance a life outside of work would crush in on me. Until I decided to change the way I approached my practice and client treatments. It opened worlds for me, allowed me to help more people, work with other therapists and help them grow too. 

Whether you're just beginning your career journey or you've been in it for a while, I would love to support you and build a schedule, practice, or skill that would benefit you and your clients. 

My biggest pet peeve has been not finding training in the things I really needed answers to. I have done close to 1000 hours of education in treatment, business, and leadership and want to share as much as I can with you! 

Haven't been able to find the course you've been looking for? Submit a request and I'll do my best to get you the answer. 

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