Business Courses

Social Media Tips for Busy Massage Therapists


Room Rental Essentials CourseĀ 


$40 CAD (Reg $120)

Massage Marketing 101

A simple approach to massage marketing. Zoom course - April 4 @ 10:00am MST

$20.00 CAD

Modality Courses

Remedial Stone Massage CertificationĀ 

Multiple In-Person and Online Learning Dates
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Raindrop Massage Therapist CertificationĀ 

Multiple In-Person and Online Learning DatesĀ 
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Certified Cupping Therapist: Level 1Ā 

ComingĀ Soon

Pathology Courses

Treating Clients With Touch SensitivityĀ 

Understanding and working on clientst ticklish and nerve inflamedĀ clients

$20.00 CAD

Massage for Tinnitus

ComingĀ Soon

Plantar Fasciitis Relief

ComingĀ Soon

Approaching Postural Dysfunctions

ComingĀ Soon

Technique Courses

Confident Drape & Bolstering

ComingĀ Soon

Side-lying MassageĀ 

ComingĀ Soon

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